First Birchbox Review – February 2017

First Birchbox Review – February 2017

So I decided to try signing up to Birchbox in February as I felt I needed some treats every month for ‘me time’. For those of you that haven’t heard of Birchbox, it is a monthly beauty subscription service that delivers a box of luxe beauty samples or products through your door for the princely sum of £10. 

They frequently do collaborations and February’s box was linked to stationery company Papier. My box was a gorgeous green tropical print which made me feel super summery despite Storm Doris! I was promised two make up items, including a Spectrum brush, a Korean beauty treat and a few surprises as well. Because it was my first box I rather excitingly got a free full size Smith and Cult lip lacquer as well.

1. Beaver Professional Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray – Travel size 50ml. Full Size RRP £11.50

I was super excited to receive this sample in particular as my hair is decidedly abused and I have been on the hunt for a wonder product. 

The Beaver Professional Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray promises to do some wonderful things for me – detangle, defrizz and enhance manageability as well as nourishing my hair from within. 

I can’t say it blew my mind, however it did leave my hair fairly soft and easier to brush and style.

2. Keeome Hydration Mask Therapy – Worth £4.83. Set of 6 RRP £29.00

Korean beauty is the most hyped beauty market of the moment. Allegedly they are 7 years ahead of the western world in their products and techniques. So I was pretty damn excited to receive this sheet mask. 

Super easy to use, just smooth on and leave for 25 minutes to allow the Mulberry infused serum to sink in to your skin. The claim is that this humble berry is packed with vitamins A and E and will soothe and treat tired or dull skin. In this case I would say do believe the hype! I will absolutely be repurchasing as it made my sleep deprived wee face look healthy and glowing again. Who needs sleep when you have this mask?

3. Doux Me Pure Spring Mist – 100ml Full Size RRP £16

My least favourite thing in this months box…a hydrating mineral water spray that claims to refresh and calm skin. I’m sure this would be lovely after a workout or when on holiday somewhere hot, but frankly it just didn’t do it for this Glasgow Mama in the chilly Scottish winter.

4. Spectrum Collections Marbleous Eye Brush – RRP £5.99 

5. POP Beauty Eyeshadow Trio – Sample trio. Full size Palette RRP £15.50

I will rate these two as a pair as I have only used them together so far. The Champagne Mocha palette is a dinky travel size with three lovely neutral shades. They weren’t overly pigmented but blended well with the Spectrum brush and were ideal for a day time eye look in a flash. Ideal if you have limited time to spare for makeup. I loved the shape and softness of the brush and am looking forward to using it with my high end shadows such as the Modern Renaissance palette. The best bit about this brush, and the whole Spectrum range is that they are cruelty free as well as superb quality.

Bonus Product – I used the code CULT to receive a FULL-SIZE Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in Now Kith (worth £21!) when when I subscribed. This turned out to be a really moisturising, but not sticky,  lipgloss in the perfect warm nude shade for me. 

All in all I would say I was chuffed with the contents of my first ever Birchbox and will definitely keep subscribing. Next month there is a full size Benefit They’re Real! Double the Lip product with every box and I hear rumour there may also be a 20% discount code included for use on full size products on their website too.

K x


What the deuce?

What the deuce?

Number 2….baby number 2 that is….no poo chat just yet! 

Oh you sweet Summer child assuming that a second pregnancy would be as much of a breeze as the first…Winter was well and truly coming and I was decidedly under prepared.

When I had R I was only 22, I bought two pairs of maternity jeans and wore slightly floatier clothing,  other than a neat little bump and some fairly hefty morning-sickness I had no real issues or side effects.   I was back in my size 10 skinny jeans 2 days after delivering my bundle of joy and when I fell pregnant 5 years later I stupidly thought, how different can it be this time? 

Hahahaha I hear all you multiple baby mamas laugh. I know, I know…well I certainly do know now. Pregnancy number 2 floored me! Migraines, aches, pains, exhaustion and to cap it all off my perfect relaxed water birth was a shattered dream as my darling boy was firmly breech no matter how long I lay upside down for or how hard the doctor tried to shove him round. 

Even now he is here I feel like I am on a treadmill trying to meet everyone’s demands at all times. R needs help with homework, H needs feeding (constantly!!) and well poor C my other half needs some level of love and attention I suppose.

However, I can honestly say at least I feel slightly more competent this time around and that confidence along with a serious stash of snacks is what has seen me through these first 12 weeks of H’s life with us. I highly recommend a massive box of shortbread as a gift to any new parents you may know!

What have your experiences been of second or more pregnancies? Let me know in the comments!

K x

Home is where the paint swatches are!

Home is where the paint swatches are!

Like so many other 20-30 something’s I have spent the last decade bouncing from rented property to rented property. All in all I reckon since I left home at 17 for uni I have lived in 12 different flats and houses! And not one have I been able to properly decorate. Sure there were brief forays into colour coordinated cushions and art work on the walls once I progressed to unfurnished properties and brought my own stuff in…but it was never enough. I had a serious home decor itch to scratch and holy shit have I clawed at that since we bought our first flat together 11 weeks ago. 

I am officially obsessed! 

Cheap laminate floors were ripped up and upgraded with gorgeous new wooden flooring..

Next up was new blinds….who knew you could get all fired up about the perfect shade of grey for a kitchen blind (light charcoal btw) but there I was poring over the samples the poor guy from Shades had brought with an almost manic intensity! 

Then came painting and the best thing ever…tiny paint samples! I love these!! 

The walls looked ridiculous for a while, scattered with a patchwork pattern of colour swatches but they are starting to get there now. My big blue Farrow and Ball statement wall in the living room and pretty pink Laura Ashley en suite walls are my absolute favourites so far, but there is still the main bathroom, our bedroom and the boys room to complete.

I vividly remember loathing Saturday morning trips with my mum, another home decor enthusiast, to B&Q and Homebase. I’d drag my feet and huff and puff about hours spent looking at paint,curtains and cushions. Nowadays…Give me a good haberdashery section and some high end paint brands and I’m there!

K x

Hello…it’s me

Hello…it’s me

Well here goes, a start into the world of blogging. I have been inspired and helped so much over the last few years reading the blogs of some truly hilarious and wonderful women and thought that it was perhaps time to give it a whirl myself. 

I am a Glasgow Mum of two boys – R is 5 and H is our new addition at just 12 weeks old. They are amazing but I am wholly outnumbered now and the house is positively overrun with macho behaviour!  

We recently bought and moved into a new home and after years of renting I have now added interior design to the list of obsessions I have! So be warned, there will be many a chat about colour swatches as well as food, knitting, make up and of course all things to do with parenting two little terrors.

This blog is going to be a little bit of therapy for me really, a place to scribble the ridiculous thoughts that dart about my busy brain…usually at 4am when H and I are hanging out on the sofa in the Wide Awake Club. So I hope you (whoever you may be if I’m lucky enough to get some readers..) enjoy!

Katie x