Home is where the paint swatches are!

Home is where the paint swatches are!

Like so many other 20-30 something’s I have spent the last decade bouncing from rented property to rented property. All in all I reckon since I left home at 17 for uni I have lived in 12 different flats and houses! And not one have I been able to properly decorate. Sure there were brief forays into colour coordinated cushions and art work on the walls once I progressed to unfurnished properties and brought my own stuff in…but it was never enough. I had a serious home decor itch to scratch and holy shit have I clawed at that since we bought our first flat together 11 weeks ago. 

I am officially obsessed! 

Cheap laminate floors were ripped up and upgraded with gorgeous new wooden flooring..

Next up was new blinds….who knew you could get all fired up about the perfect shade of grey for a kitchen blind (light charcoal btw) but there I was poring over the samples the poor guy from Shades had brought with an almost manic intensity! 

Then came painting and the best thing ever…tiny paint samples! I love these!! 

The walls looked ridiculous for a while, scattered with a patchwork pattern of colour swatches but they are starting to get there now. My big blue Farrow and Ball statement wall in the living room and pretty pink Laura Ashley en suite walls are my absolute favourites so far, but there is still the main bathroom, our bedroom and the boys room to complete.

I vividly remember loathing Saturday morning trips with my mum, another home decor enthusiast, to B&Q and Homebase. I’d drag my feet and huff and puff about hours spent looking at paint,curtains and cushions. Nowadays…Give me a good haberdashery section and some high end paint brands and I’m there!

K x

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