What the deuce?

Number 2….baby number 2 that is….no poo chat just yet! 

Oh you sweet Summer child assuming that a second pregnancy would be as much of a breeze as the first…Winter was well and truly coming and I was decidedly under prepared.

When I had R I was only 22, I bought two pairs of maternity jeans and wore slightly floatier clothing,  other than a neat little bump and some fairly hefty morning-sickness I had no real issues or side effects.   I was back in my size 10 skinny jeans 2 days after delivering my bundle of joy and when I fell pregnant 5 years later I stupidly thought, how different can it be this time? 

Hahahaha I hear all you multiple baby mamas laugh. I know, I know…well I certainly do know now. Pregnancy number 2 floored me! Migraines, aches, pains, exhaustion and to cap it all off my perfect relaxed water birth was a shattered dream as my darling boy was firmly breech no matter how long I lay upside down for or how hard the doctor tried to shove him round. 

Even now he is here I feel like I am on a treadmill trying to meet everyone’s demands at all times. R needs help with homework, H needs feeding (constantly!!) and well poor C my other half needs some level of love and attention I suppose.

However, I can honestly say at least I feel slightly more competent this time around and that confidence along with a serious stash of snacks is what has seen me through these first 12 weeks of H’s life with us. I highly recommend a massive box of shortbread as a gift to any new parents you may know!

What have your experiences been of second or more pregnancies? Let me know in the comments!

K x

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