All you need is love…..and a good wifi connection!

The wonderful Motherpukka was on BBC Women’s Hour today and then spoke on her insta after about the key point of the show – loneliness. She spoke frankly and honestly about the fact that parenting, however you choose to do it, can and is a terribly lonely thing at times. Her words struck a chord with me, having a new baby has been quite a lonely experience for me in some ways. The 3am feeds, the 5am starts, the afternoons of being stuck in the house when the weather was just fucking awful. 

But in so many others it has been a doorway to putting myself out there and meeting new people particularly through the wonderful world of social media. I have made new Mum pals via Facebook, Instagram and even through the first few posts on this blog. 3am sympathy comments on insta led to my first ever lunch date with a total stranger today who I can now call a new pal – isn’t the internet an incredible thing?! 

My best friend, who I’ve just had the joy of experiencing side by side pregnancy with, lives in Manchester. So not quite so side by side geographically speaking. But thanks to snapchat (she gets to see the unfiltered ones!) and a never ending whatsapp chat we have kept each other going. We send each other crazy questions about parenting and moan about our lack of sleep, poor battered bodies and count down the days til we can get drunk together again and cackle at all the inappropriate things. Again…wifi…absolute hero!

So next time you are awake at daft o’clock feeling like the only person in the world, throw out a comment to that cool Mum you follow on insta, send your bestie a snapchat of your eyebags or write a Facebook status with an open invite to join you for a pram push the next day. Be brave and know you are not alone, I swear there are loads of us awake, eating biscuits while we feed our little monsters too!

K x


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