Girls…we run this mutha!

It’s International Women’s day today and I am proclaiming my love for all you wonderful badass women out there!! Females often get a bad wrap for being catty and pulling each other down, but I think that is becoming a thing of the past. Everywhere I look these days I see things like #girlgang posted online and awesome women working together to build themselves the lives they want. 

My favourite story in the news in the last few weeks was the two women, best friends, who had made legal precedent by choosing to coparent their kids together. How amazing is that? I immediately sent the link to my bestie lamenting our good fortune in having wonderful partners and not having just done this. Sorry boys, we love you really! 

The best way we can celebrate this day is to celebrate ourselves and all those amazeballs women we know and love. And possibly play some classic girl power tunes. Embrace your flaws, shout about your best bits! Here’s me sharing my 3.30am knackered face, messy hair but happy and finally sleeping little angel!

So send your mama,your bestie, hell even your hairdresser some love and share the girl power today. 

I’m away to download some Spice Girls….

K x

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