Tick tock, tick tock

Time – the most precious commodity. It’s what we think we have unlimited amounts of pre-baby. It’s what we rapidly realise we have sweet fuck all of once those little sleep thieves arrive. 

Obviously you spend a lot of time changing shitty nappies and very little of it asleep. That’s kind of a given. The thing that I didn’t appreciate about parenthood was the amount of time spent repeating things. 

Verbally and increasingly louder to my five year old… “Shoes on! Teeth brushed! Go to bed! Tidy your room again!”

Pleading whispers to a non sleeping baby…”Please, won’t you just let Mummy have a little sleep? Just take a small nap”

The monotony of rinsing, washing, sterilising and making bottles. The constant and never ending loads of washing to be done.

My internal muttering of “FML” on a regular basis balanced against joyous pride of how wonderful my children are when they aren’t being little shits.

I am guilty of wishing time away, always looking to the next wonderful stage of my babies lives, as well as wishing away some of the less wonderful elements. However, despite what “they” say you do not need to #cherish every single shitty nappy or sleepless night.

As I am writing this, H has delightfully given into sleep in my arms, so it is time to pop him down for a nap and to make myself a well deserved cup of tea!

K x

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