She’s still preoccupied with 1985..

She’s still preoccupied with 1985..

Now you may or may not be familiar with the Bowling For Soup song 1985 but it is a long time favourite of mine referencing Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink as well as bands like Blondie and Whitesnake. I’m a big 80’s fan incase you hadn’t guessed. 

But lately the lyrics to this song have felt a little too close to home…have a read at them. 
Have I become a suburban cliche? Stay at home mum of two, baking for the school fair and decorating everything in sight! Gone are the cocktail fuelled nights out on the tiles, the impromptu nights away and my poor beloved sky high heels have been all but relegated to the cupboard.

So I have taken a small stand against what I was starting to worry was my inevitable “Mumsy” state. I am defiantly still wearing my (not snakeskin!) mini skirts just with snazzy ankle boots and tights. When I am exhausted after a sleepless night of baby shushing and rocking I am rocking a bright red lip and ALL the mascara! And my latest and boldest choice was to take myself off to a fabulous salon called Blow Shawlands to dye my hair bright candy floss pink. I was child free for 4 hours, given cocktails and watched repeats of Ru Paul’s Drag Race back to back!! Bliss!

Sure, pink hair draws some stares from the ‘grown up’ mums at the school gates but it also got some awesome compliments and it makes me feel like the under 30 yr old that I still am.

So in a world of demure low lights and sensible, mum appropriate outfits, rise up my lovelies and rock those tattoos, colourful hairdos and wear whatever the fuck you feel like. Because motherhood doesn’t need to mean the demise of your individuality.

K x

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