Am I there yet?

I have a confession to make – I’m pretty sure someone made a mistake somewhere when they let leave the hospital with a baby….and then 5 years later they did it again! I’m not an adult, I cannot be responsible for these tiny humans. Yet here I am, parent to the funniest 5 year old boy around and to my little 5 month old perma-smiling sleep thief

Despite having two children, a partner, a decent job, a mortgage and a nearly completed (relatively civilised) divorce, I still don’t feel like a real adult. I refer to those over 35 as “the grown ups” like I am still some kind of overgrown child but apparently even they don’t feel like adults either.

So I made a list of my most adult-y qualities just incase someone realises their mistake and comes to make me take some sort of test.

1. I keep a calendar – a proper one with sections for me, C and each of the kids. I diligently keep it updated every week so we don’t miss dress down day or appointments.

2. We listen to BBC Radio 2….enough said I think.  

3. I live for colour charts and home decor magazines. Coordinating colour schemes and renovation projects bring me more joy than a row of shots and the DJ playing my request (usually the Baywatch theme song while in Reflex!) 

4. I knit. I adore ordering new wools and knitting baby blankets and hats. The fact that I can’t seem to crack proper patterns for anything more complex hasn’t deterred me just yet.

5. I enjoy a proper tv Drama (please please watch Line of Duty if you haven’t yet so I can speak to you about how awesome it is!!), nature documentaries and sometimes even French films with subtitles.

6. I am a member of our local library and regularly visit with the boys to take out books for us all. Once I even photocopied a few pages out of a big reference book.

7. We recycle and even put all the things in the correct and oh so many bins.

Actually reading that back maybe I am a tad more of an adult than I thought…Hopefully those help counteract the fact that at 27 I still run late most of the time, I have a mild obsession with snapchat, I never iron, have pink hair and a serious reliance on Google!

What are your most/least adult-y qualities and has anyone finally become a fully fledged adult out there? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear how.

K x

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