Easter Holiday Fatigue

After two lovely weeks of Easter holiday adventures I trust everyone is feeling relaxed and well rested….oh wait, no if you are off with your kids you must be burst, broke and in need of some peace and a fridge re-stock!

We have had a wonderful time off doing lots of instagrammable activities – Viking Centre, Kelburn Castle, visit to the local library, Easter baking, 5 Sisters Zoo and time with the extended family!! But what sits behind the scenes of these joyous #specialmemories type pictures are a whole host of less wonderful but far more realistic moments. 

Early early starts with the baby, mountains of washing still to be done that seems to triple after every day out, incessant requests for snacks and juice, snarky tantrums from a 5 year old that is “never tired”, and the empty coffers at the end of the fortnight after all the super fun activities!

It is a joy to spend these times with my children, and I am ever grateful that I can do so, but bloody hell it is draining on the energy, emotions and bank balance. I shall enjoy getting us all back into our usual school routine with set bedtimes, healthy meals and mid morning cups of tea on my own while the baby naps!

I hope you have all survived the holidays and enjoy getting back to normal……because next month there are two bank holidays!!

K x


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