Gymboree – Our favourite class

Harrison and I have a few classes which we attend through the week as well as our regular walks/coffee trips with various new mum friends. We have tried a couple of different types of classes locally, some of which didn’t suit timing wise, some we will come back to when Harrison is older, and some that just didn’t seem to fit us. One class has really stuck though and that is Gymboree.

Stage 1 is a sensory baby play class which uses puppets, songs, and all manner of sensory delights such as feathers, lights and bubbles. Harrison has loved every minute of this class and we have made some brilliant friends here, including our main Gymbo teacher Carrie (if you are reading, big love to you and the rest of the girls of course). There are some songs that will stay with me from now until my babies have babies I’m sure of it.

Recently Harrison had started trying to crawl and with some help and lots of encouragement from myself and our friends at Gymboree he finally managed it in class last week. While this was an amazing huge achievement, it also signalled the end of our time in Sensory Baby Play….but never fear as these classes continue all the way up to starting school. This was one of the things that attracted me to these classes in the first place, the idea of moving and growing with the same teachers and the same wee group of pals as our babies get older. 

We are both looking forward to stage two – I hear it is much more active for mum and for baby which can only help my post-natal shred plan i.e. Move more so I can still eat and drink things like this Delight I had at Hotel Chocolat this week..

What classes do you and your little ones enjoy? Would love to hear, and if you want any more info on Gymboree just take a peek at their Facebook page or send them a message as they will be thrilled to help.

K x

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