Insta vs Real Life

So I haven’t been all that present on the blog of late, writing has taken a bit of a back seat and if I’m honest my inspiration has been a bit dry. I reckon it’s because things are so chaotic in the house just now – H did a 360 on us with his sleep and woke every hour or so for several nights, R is recently a big brother for a second time now on his dad’s side so in turn needing some extra attention, and we are getting sorted for our big bathroom revamp. Also it’s been pretty glorious weather for once so we have been living in the moment and enjoying some time outdoors! 

Instagram has been my media of choice this last month – I find it easier to post my pictures and write a mini blog with them. The down side to this is that life sometimes ends up looking a bit rosier, and not just due to the filters. I recently commented to an Insta pal that I liked her recent pics of her boys, she responded to tell me that prior to the picture they had been kicking off and winding her up! Pictures only show half the true story whether that is intentional or just by default. I really make an effort to ensure my blog and Instagram are pretty open and honest about both the ups and downs of our family life but there is always a snap that has a reverse hiding behind it.

H looking cute as a button here….but had you heard the battle it took to get him dressed you would have been straight on the phone to social services, he screamed the house down and then grinned two minutes later once I’d wrestled him into his outfit. You would never know from that smile would you? Wee bam! 

So while I’m not slagging off posting the glossy, happy snaps, definitely keep posting those so you don’t have the social banging on your door or all of us other Insta users moaning that you are doom and gloom, I am encouraging you all to share the daily grind that goes on too! I’m sure we would all be happier if we stopped worrying that everyone else’s lives looked much better than ours, and a true insight into the real lives of our online communities would help that. Here is my reality as I type…. 

A teething baby who won’t settle to sleep!

What’s your unfiltered reality?

K x

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