Winning and Losing.

This morning the baby and I were out the house by 9.30am walking 45 minutes to cheer on R at his sports day. We were both clean and suitably dressed for the day…that is a win in my books my friends. 

Watching the kids ‘compete’ in the various activities it became more and more apparent to me that for them it wasn’t so much the winning,losing or even taking part that counted so much as having fun. I saw little boys ditching attempts at javelin in favour of using the foam sticks as swords, little girls of all ages cartwheeling all over the pitch, and sheer joy on all their faces when a particularly tiny classmate was helped to leap over a hurdle that was too high! 

That’s what I think parenthood should be too…not just the winning on days when you get by with ease, not the losing when you all eat beige food and drink a sneaky gin at 6.30pm and not just the act of having and raising kids. The moments of joy are what it’s all about, like R passing by me today on a coach on route to the sports centre and losing his tiny mind waving because he spotted me heaving the pram uphill. What a damn delight that was! 

K x

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