If you can’t stand the heat…

If you can’t stand the heat…

Stay out of the kitchen, laundry room and anywhere else that needs some attention! That’s right, drop your usual roster of housework and laundry and even cooking and get outdoors. There is sunshine in Glasgow people!! 

H is not thrilled by the heat at all, yet another reason I’m neglecting my housewifely duties. He’s been cranky and sticky and all round not his usually delightful self which is a real shame to see. I’m doing my best to comfort him and keep him cool but in order to do that something else has to give and I’d rather it was my home and not me. 

So often we put masses of pressure on ourselves to be on top of everything all the time…care for the kids 100%, cook lovely meals, keep the house clean and tidy and stylish, lose the baby weight, look good, spend time with our partners, friends, family. Plus get back out to work and have an awesome career to show everyone you can have it all.  Then when the shit (sometimes literally) hits the fan we have to dial it up to 11. 

Phew I am shattered just typing that, imagine how tired we all are trying to be superheroes? Is it worth it? I think not. 

My laundry will get done, my real friends will know I will text back eventually and next week I will cook a showstopping dinner again but today I am going to take a walk in the park and just enjoy the sunshine.

K x

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