A grand day out

Today I decided to brave the journey from south to west and took both boys and the pram over to Glasgow’s West End. We had a fairly straightforward bus journey into the city and then tried to hop on the subway. But apparently prams are all but a no go on the subway. The ticket guy sucked his teeth and looked mildly disgusted at my plan to board his precious ‘tiny cabs’ (his words not mine) with my baby wheels. In the end he agreed to let me on if I folded the pram down and got me an escort down to the platform. Given the carriage was then half empty, I threw caution to the wind and broke the rules leaving my pram as is for the 5 stops we rode for. Damn the man, fuck the system!

 Our first stop was the excellent Baffo for two 12″ pizzas which beat Ruairidh and I! They were bloody delicious, entirely reasonable price wise and the staff were totally friendly and accommodating to us with the pram and highchair arrangements which is always a plus for me. Harrison even had a try of my pizza crusts and seemed to enjoy them so we will be returning again shortly to have a proper family meal.

We then went to my all time favourite place – the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. Greeted by the other worldly sound of organ music we picked our must see areas and began to wander happily. Ruairidh was enraptured as usual by the stuffed animals. Slightly macabre but fascinating for sure. He was totally into the Elvis statue and spent about 5 solid minutes trying to perfect his pose and getting me to take his picture. He really is the funniest kid and we giggled and joked so much today which was nice as I often feel like we don’t do that as much as we should.

 Our trip West was rounded off with a visit to Tantrum Doughnuts and Iolla to scope out some new specs for me. We may have shared a fourth doughnut between us as sustenance for the walk back into town that we decided to do as the sun was shining.  I hope everyone’s Tuesday was as enjoyable as ours and you are as happy as this wee weirdo trying on glasses his 20/20 vision eyes don’t even need! 

K x

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