My Charlotte Tilbury Shopping Experience

Recently I decided a bit of a make up splurge was called for. I was needing a new foundation and as I had several important events was happy to spend a little more than usual. After asking a few people in the know and doing some research Charlotte Tilbury felt like the right brand to go to for some luxury.

The concession in House of Fraser, my nearest stockist, is relatively newly opened but is clearly hugely popular. There was streams of people milling around looking at products or waiting to get their make up done in the boudoir themed area. I managed to catch the attention of a very friendly sales person who got me perched on a stool after a quick chat about what I was there looking for. She checked a few shades of the Light Wonder foundation on me and we agreed on the best one for me. As I was bare faced anyway she offered to do my full face to allow me to see if I definitely liked it on and proceeded to slather me in the ultra luxe Magic Cream, added Wonder Glow to brighten up my knackered looking skin and then applied the Light Wonder foundation whilst chatting away about the products and the company. 

While we were chatting we got on to favourite products and she mentioned their best selling Lip Cheat liner and the Kim KW lipstick very positively. I am a sucker for a great nude lipstick and liner so we added those to my look and ineviatably into my bag! A very subtle and gentle sales pitch which made a huge difference as I will effectively refuse to buy anything if someone pushes too hard in these situations. 

In the end I came away with the lipstick, liner, the foundation I had gone in for in the first place and the Wonder Glow too. She did try and coax me into buying the Magic Cream but maternity pay does not allow for £70 face cream, especially when you manage to blow over £100 on make up. I did cheekily ask for some samples to trial at home, as I felt a spend of that amount deserved a few little bonus treats but she just avoided the topic and handed me my purchases in a plastic HOF bag. I was a little disappointed in this ending as I’d enjoyed my luxury make up experience so far and expected a little more from it than a plastic bag and a cheery bye. 

All in all I am glad I bought the products that I did as they are amazing. I would re purchase the Wonder Glow for definite as it gives my skin an amazing texture and glow but I’m not so sure the others are worth the money especially when the shopping experience is a tad of a let down.

Keep up the lovely attitude CT ladies but maybe upgrade your bags and be a little more generous with your samples! 

Any other brands worth me spending my teeny bit of spare cash on? Let me know! 

K x

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