Tea Time with T2

The other day I was invited along to visit a bloggers breakfast at T2 on Buchanan Street. The lovely Lauren from the PR team very kindly said it was no issue to bring my little sidekick Harrison along, so there we were at 8am all ready for our first real blogger event!

The breakfast was to celebrate the launch of T2’s newest blend Scots Breakfast Tea and we walked in off the cold, damp streets of Glasgow to the cosy shop smelling of oatmeal and honey. 

For those of you who hadn’t been in the shop before it’s walls are quite literally covered in their signature orange boxes of loose leaf teas and they have gorgeous colourful china on display and available to purchase. 

It was in one of these gorgeous teacup and saucer sets that I was served my perfectly brewed Scots Breakfast Tea, enhanced with a dash of milk and honey. T2 say it has notes of oats, cinnamon and caramel which explains the cosy porridge kind of scent it gives off. 

Not only did we get to enjoy this lovely tea we were well fed too! Big Bear Bakery had made some amazing treats for us using the tea – macarons that were so light they melted in the mouth, buttery wee scones topped with cream and jam and a fruit packed tea loaf! Breakfast doesn’t get much more indulgent than that, Harrison was particularly taken with the scones if you needed further recommendation.

Next up I was given a mini Matcha Brewing demonstration where I sampled the original Matcha green tea as well as their super healthy Turmeric Matcha Latte. Both were delicious and give a long lasting energy boost with no crash like you get with coffee. Perfect for a sleepy mama like me!

T2 spoiled us, even sending me on my way with a lovely goodie bag with my own tea strainer and two of their loose leaf teas (Scots and Melbourne Breakfast) so I could continue my experience at home. I had a great morning and will absolutely be back in for more!

K x

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