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I’m so excited to bring you all another guest post but this time from my lovely work colleague Steve and about parenting from a Dads perspective!

It’s been nearly two years since Judith and I were blessed with Eloisa, a beautiful little baby girl.

Up until the day she was born I was (naively) expecting a walking, talking little person to leap into the world all ready for me to read bedtime stories to, teach to ride a bike, race round the park with and have chats with as I drove her to and from music and sports clubs – boy did I have a wake up call.

Sleepless nights, the absolute heartbreak of rejection when only mummy will do, baby puke, brown sticky stuff in places you’d never thought you’d see it (not least when your super efficient daddy nappy change turns out to be slightly too early), yet more baby puke and cries for which no number of Google searches could provide you with a solution – the truth is that in the early days it the whole thing scared the living daylights out of me.

These days we have a toddler who is determined to operate at full throttle, who gets frustrated when her demands are not complied with, who possesses the power of choice (this I greet with a sense of pride albeit frustration when she ‘chooses’ that she doesn’t want to wear shoes for her walk to nursery) and who only last week hurled a badminton racket because Judith tried to go first so that she could explain how the game was played – yes that’s right – the terrible twos are upon us.

These days Judith still does most of the day to day mechanics but at least I can play my part – usually by providing goofy yet entertaining distraction whilst Judith attends to the more important jobs (we play to our strengths you see and besides I’ve never quite overcome the trauma of ‘that’ nappy change) and I’m finally beginning to see glimpses of that walking, talking little person I was excited to meet two years ago.

It can still be hard, frustrating, annoying and sometimes downright terrifying (especially where climbing and running is involved) but one little smile, an extended hand for you to hold or puckered lips for her bedtime kiss makes you realise that this parenting lark ain’t so bad after all.

Thanks Steve đź’• 

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