Manic Monday, Tuesday, Everyday!

Currently life feels a bit like it’s flying past in a total blur and I am just trying to keep up. Thankfully it’s loads of brilliant things that I have on the go so it’s mostly a positive blur but I’m finding it a tad overwhelming.

Actual image of me at the moment!

The result of this is dropped balls, the metaphorical type of course! The actual writing side of the blog has become distinctly neglected. Instagram is just easier, quicker and is where I have a lot more contacts and followers so tends to become the favourite child when life gets manic. So apologies, dear readers, I will get back into the swing of weekly writing!

My main cause of blur and big news is that I have been scrambling around trying to decide what to do about my return to work. I had my request for part time/flexible working denied and was facing a return to work full time from November. A prospect I didn’t much cherish with two small kids one of whom I don’t even have with me 7 days of the week due to custody arrangements. 

Randomly, while in a local jewellers with my Mum, we were discussing my situation and the owner overheard. She quickly spoke up and said she was looking for someone and did I want to give her my CV and have a chat? Fast forward a few weeks, some serious soul searching, a lot of conversations and number crunching and I am leaving the world of insurance. After 7 years and the frankly crushing disappointment of the denial of my request it felt like the right time. Not only do I get to now work amongst the most stunning diamonds all day, they are also letting me run their social media and marketing which is a dream role for me!

Also me…in the display window!

The only down side of all this is that I will be returning to work sooner than originally planned and have a few extra balls to juggle in terms of childcare arrangements and adapting to an altogether new role.

I have a few reviews to write up and post so keep an eye out for those, but please be patient with me while I work out my best balance. 

Any tips on how to keep things all ticking along with out burning out would be much appreciated!

K x

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