A mamajamma rum hangover…

I have always been one to get carried away with things. The ‘do everything to excess’ trait in me is both a blessing and a curse. The positive aspect is that I go all out on projects that inspire me, and if I love you then I’m all in and all over your sweet ass self. The down side is that I often end up in predicaments, less so these days with two small kids but there is still plenty of scope. I’m sure my other half and exes have lost count of the times I have said causally that ‘it’s only dinner and a few drinks, won’t be later than 10’ only to stagger through the door at 3am with one shoe and eye make up halfway down my face.

As you can see from the clip above, my evening out on Thursday night wasn’t much different to that scenario. I had gone along to a bloggers learning event hosted by Scottish Bloggers Collective in the relatively new but lovely Epoch Glasgow in Princes Square and it all started off very sensibly. 

A welcome Mojito and some excellent chat about bloggers, PRs and brands and how to work together. Sober Katie took lots of notes, asked questions and was properly engaged. We then enjoyed another rum based cocktail and some canapés and broke session to mingle a little bit….here is where it all went a bit awry. Hayleigh and I went to sample some of the Old J Spiced Rum and it was so delicious we sampled one shot, and then another, and then a few more for good measure. It’s bloody delicious FYI! 

Look how happy our wee rum soaked faces are!!

Needless to say having not eaten a proper dinner, and being quiet well behaved mums (haha) we ended up spectacularly drunk. Everyone was our best pal and everything was massively entertaining to us, special apologies to the young man with the Gallic name in Wetherspoons that begrudgingly served us. 

The next day was not quite as glitzy or as entertaining to me. My head was heavy, my stomach was not happy with me and I had to get my shit together in order to do the school run and then attend Gymboree class with the baby! I managed, by some miracle and all the snacks to do both chunder free, although it was a close call when doing the Hokey Cokey. Thankfully I had my partner in crime Hayleigh and our two tots to cheer me up and share a lunch of all the cheese and carbs.

The hangovers get harder to recover from every year that goes by but this one was definitely worth it! I may even enjoy one of my Old J Spiced Rum samples this evening now I feel human again.

K x


  1. 07/10/2017 / 12:10 pm

    An absolutely amazing night! Such a wonderful group of people and amazing information in a spectacular venue. The rum oh my goodness I the rum!

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