Trick or Treat

As we hurtle ever closer to the end of November I’m struggling to decide if it’s a joy or a nightmare that the wee chunky monkey above is the same wee tiny tot below…

Of course it is a treat and an utter joy that my darling baby has thrived and grown and made our family over this last year. But it also makes me emotional to see him so big and un-babylike now. 

He had his first settling in session at nursery this week and it went really well but I had to get Colin to take him as it was a milestone that I couldn’t quite believe or face. This all sounds a bit daft I’m sure, but I think since I know Harrison is my last baby I am mourning the end of these times as much as I am celebrating the wonderful next stages we have coming.

Did anyone else struggle emotionally with their babies growing and progressing? Am I just being a bit mad?

K x


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