Mama Says…Relax

Mama Says…Relax

Self care…treat yo self…me time…phrases I hear and see on social media all the time accompanied by awesome pictures of spa days, expensive products or luxe hotel stays. While these are all lovely ways to relax, who really has the money or the time these days?! I gave this a lot of thought towards the end of last year as I had been feeling pretty burnt out in my quest to be a ‘have it all’ – mother, partner, friend, worker, campaigner, blogger…the list goes on! Hopefully you get some benefit from my overthinking – here are some of my really easy ways to relax when you are cash and time poor like 98% of us!

Sleep!! Sounds crazy right? But being over tired is honestly half my battle in life and I quickly realised after having Harrison that I can’t stay up late any more and I don’t really have time or the ability to nap. So most nights I am tucked up in bed by 9.30pm with my phones blue screen turned to night mode (makes it warmer so less likely to mess with good sleep patterns) reading a chapter of my book.

Take a bath. Yes I know usually this entails someone interrupting because they need a poo or they want in with you. But be selfish, get someone to watch the kids for even just 15 minutes and run a lovely hot bath. I am a big fan of the awesome Bathboards to lay out my book or tablet, sneaky glass of wine (or juice in a wine glass!) and usually some kind of body scrub or moisturising body wash. Helps make it feel like a luxurious spa experience even if it is for 10-15 mins.

Cosy up! I am a very tactile person and love a good cuddle, either with someone I love or just on my own with a cosy blanket or cushion. There is a reason kids like to nuzzle into soft toys and blankets! It’s wonderfully uplifting. The Old Scots word Colsie (meaning cosy) has even inspired a range from The Tartan Blanket Co to help you snuggle up and achieve this relaxed state.

Switch off…just put your phone/tech down. I need to learn to take my own advice on this waaaay more often! Coming off social media, texts, emails etc for even just a few hours every evening is so good for your state of mind! Instead light a wee candle (Organdle make awesome ones chock full of essential oils) and read a book instead.

Scent, particularly anything lavender based is amazing for relaxing and takes no time at all to spritz on or rub in. My big hitters are Lush Sleepy body lotion, Twilight body spray ( both are dreamily scented with lavender and tonka bean!) , Spacemasks sleep masks, and Willow and Plum lavender soap. The additional benefit of all these superstars is that they aid a good nights sleep as well as general relaxation.

Eat…again it sounds simple but mums in particular often forget to eat properly themselves. We spend all our money and time making nutritious, exciting meals for our families and then end up eating the leftovers. Sometimes we also lose inspiration and end up cooking beige freezer food night after night (totally fine too if that’s your thing!) – if you fancy trying something new I shared this Recipe recently that’s super easy but delicious. Nourishing yourself helps keep you healthy and that is crucial! But also, not just healthy foods – have the chips or cheese board, champagne or chocolate truffles when you want them. Never beat yourself up for eating and wanting something delicious!

Hopefully some of these ideas help you busy bees to grab some downtime and de-stress even if it is for two minutes out of your day.

K x

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  1. 14/07/2018 / 6:29 am

    Love it, your room looks so lovely and cosy. Really love the blanket and the prints so I will definitely be checking those out! 🙂

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