Bi Bim Bap

Bi Bim Bap

I love visiting new places but with two small kids in tow and a limited budget, the likelihood of me getting to Seoul anytime soon is slim. Turns out all I needed was a babysitter and a trip into the city centre – Glasgow’s hottest new restaurant BiBimBap is a truly authentic taste of South Korea.

We (thanks to the wonderful PR Lindsey at blk29) had a booking in place, but usually it’s first come, first served. Fear not though as it’s worth the wait!! You can grab a Hite beer at the bar and soak up the busy atmosphere and insta-perfect colourful interior.

What we ate..

Between the two of us we had two small plates and two mains which was plenty for us. The food all came out when it was ready and in no particular order which is a nice change really as it’s almost a surprise what arrives next.

Obviously I had to try the star dish and restaurant name sake – Bibimbap. This is a rice based bowl of epic proportions, topped with mixed veg and beef and a perfect lil egg in the centre. It’s accompanied with a sweet hot sauce and the name literally means mixed rice. You satisfyingly pop your yolk and add the sauce and mix it all together before you eat. A total triumph, you have to try this!

Col opted for the YumYum KFC, Korean fried chicken with a sweet and spicy dip. This dish came recommended by our waitress and while I’m not a fan of chicken on the bone the Mr was hella into it. The dip was amazing and the plastic gloves provided gave us a good giggle too.

The two small plates we went for were the Kimchi Man Do (kimchi and pork dumplings) and Ya Chae Man Do (vegetable dumplings) which were both light and delicious. I’d love to come back and just order up a tonne of the small plates to work through tapas style.

What we drank..

Obviously a child free night out called for some grown up drinks and the menu at Bibimbap did not disappoint. They have loads of delicious cocktails featuring premium liquor and some authentic South Korean spirits too. Being big gin lovers we were drawn to the Roku gin based cocktails. I had a Cherry Gin Sling and Colin enjoyed the perfectly poured Roku G&T. After our meal we decided to sample the traditional Seoul spirit Soju along with a Hite beer. Having never tried Soju before we were a little hesitant but it’s lovely. A clean tasting spirit, similar to vodka but sweeter, lower in percentage so without the afterburn too.

After that we rolled our happy, full selves out into the warm (yes really!) Glasgow night, feeling like we had been on an adventure rather than just a meal out.

K x

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