The Mighty Mama Coach and I

The Mighty Mama Coach and I

It takes strength to be a mother. I always thought it was mainly mental strength but the bigger and heavier my boys get the more I realise physical strength is important too.

When Lynsey, who I have come to know and love through the magic of Instagram, asked if I would join her for a 6 week taster programme I apprehensively agreed. The worry was from me having some very real anxieties about my fitness capabilities and my body itself.

Turns out, having a PT that understands women, pregnancy and all that the body endures makes things a lot less scary, even if she does ask a lot of personal seeming questions about your pelvic floor 😂

Myself, Jen and Louise did 6 weeks with Lynsey (there was a few dropped classes by one or other of us at a time due to childcare emergencies – had our sessions been earlier in the day, which is an option too, there is an area set up for kids to play while you exercise and this wouldn’t have been an issue).

We spent a lot of time laughing, talking and supporting each other during our classes. Yes we worked hard, but having a small group session also made it feel a lot more tight knit and fun. That’s the kind of atmosphere that Lynsey has created in her studio and her business as a whole…female friendly, empowering and supportive.

As well as working through rehab with us to ensure we were ok to exercise fully after pregnancy, Lynsey also did lots of varied exercises over the 6 weeks to suit all our strengths and weaknesses. It was a highly tailored programme in which I always felt challenged but never uncomfortable. She also gave us lots of support during the week with exercises to do at home, chat about our eating habits and relationships with food, and just how our mental health was at times.

For me, doing this programme has left me with a far better understanding of my body and what it’s been through. I now have a better relationship with myself, as silly as that might sound to some. I feel stronger and more able to cope with the physical rigours of daily life as a Mum.

The most lasting gift I have had from doing these 6 weeks of training (I will be back to do more too once I am back working and have money to actually pay Lynsey for her valuable time!) is a friend for life. Sorry to veer off topic a little, but it had to be said. Lynsey is one of the most open and big hearted people I have come across in life. She is colourful, witty, has a drive and passion for both her life and business and never laughs at my ideas but bounces them back at me with improvements. What a damn queen!!

So yeh…if you want to work on your fitness levels safely during pregnancy or postnatally, learn to embrace and love your new body, or simply enjoy some you time while exercising…I can highly recommend The Mighty Mama Coach

K x

*I was gifted this block of 6 weekly classes but all opinions, words and photos are my own.*

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