Edinburgh Adventures


We hopped on the train from just near our flat, headed into town and from there through to Edinburgh. Scotrail are currently offering a Kids Go Free ticket for ages 5-15 when purchased with an adult return which also offers free entry for that child to various attractions around Scotland! FYI this post isn’t sponsored or affiliated with them, it’s just a fab deal in my view.

Camera Obscura

Next up was a trip to somewhere I have passed loads of times when visiting Edinburgh but never thought to visit. Camera Obscura is one of the venues that kids can visit for free with the train tickets I mentioned above so we just paid for my adult ticket (£15.50) which allows you all day entry. I really liked this policy as you can pop out and grab lunch, coffee or some fresh air and go back in.

There is 5 floors of really cool stuff to see and interact with. Ruairidh is nearly 7 and loved it, but I also reckon both younger and older kids would enjoy it too.

Harry Potter Trail

As R and I are both big HP fans, I really wanted to show him some of the places that inspired the books and see if he could see how they had done so. There is proper tours for this and I’m sure they cover a lot more ground and information than me, but we googled and wandered and it was enough to pass the rest of our afternoon.

There is a number of Harry Potter themed shops in and around the royal mile – we stopped off at the one called Museum Context on Cockburn Street and then The Boy Wizard on Victoria Street. Both are fab and have lots of items to purchase from a few quid for Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, to beautiful replica Wands upwards of £40.

We wandered down the colourful yet historical Victoria Street which was said to have inspired Diagon Alley, the name being a nod to a nearby building called Diagon House. Even proper muggles will see the likes of Aha Ha Ha Joke Shop and George Herriot School in the distance and recognise them.

Just off the Royal Mile is Edinburgh City Chambers which is a bit of a lesser known Potter spot. Here in the quadrangle (a bloody good word at the best of times!) is a bronze casting of JK Rowling’s magical hands.

R was definitely hoping some magic would rub off so he could become the next creator of a magical literary world.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Last on our itinerary was a visit to the delicious Mary’s Milk Bar. I was taken for my first visit to this delightful place by Zoe of My Little Wildlings and her littlest wildling Lucy. It’s been on my mind ever since so was a must do today. R opted for classic Milk flavour in his waffle cone and I went for Rose, which was filled with chunks of dark chocolate and tasted like Turkish delight. This hidden treasure can get super busy in the height of summer so be prepared to queue…I promise it is worth it!

We ate these tasty treats whilst slowly meandering back to the train station through the Princes Street Gardens, enjoying the sunshine and some chat about our day.

Edinburgh…it’s been delightful, you are utterly braw and full of historical wonder…but there’s no place like Home.

K x

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