Mama SaysMama Says… is a Glasgow based family and lifestyle blog created by Katie Easton following the birth of her second child. Consisting of Katie aka Mama, two wild boys, her long suffering partner Colin and their pet rat Remy the Mama Says… household is pretty testosterone heavy and always noisy.

Katie started this blog as a creative outlet in the mental fug that is life with a newborn and now uses it to channel her passion for style, colour and of course family life.

The blog features a wide variety of subjects ranging from indie brands, things to do around Glasgow with family to food (mainly donuts and pizza). I am hugely passionate about using the blog to help other mums retain a sense of self and style after becoming a parent alongside serving up a huge dose of body positivity and flexi working enthusiasm.

You can also find Mama Says… over on Instagram

If you want to get in touch to work with the blog, have a burning question or just fancy a natter please email katibella12@googlemail.com.