Judgy Judy and the Baby Clique

Judgy Judy and the Baby Clique

So recently I had been picking up some vibes from a certain group of women that I know through one of our baby classes. Nothing mean had been said, no outright lines drawn, just a general air of ‘off’ and I couldn’t work out what I had done wrong…

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A mamajamma rum hangover…

A mamajamma rum hangover…

I have always been one to get carried away with things. The โ€˜do everything to excessโ€™ trait in me is both a blessing and a curse. The positive aspect is that I go all out on projects that inspire me, and if I love you then Iโ€™m all in and all over your sweet ass self. The down side is that I often end up in predicaments, less so these days with two small kids but there is still plenty of scope. Iโ€™m sure my other half and exes have lost count of the times I have said causally that โ€˜itโ€™s only dinner and a few drinks, wonโ€™t be later than 10โ€™ only to stagger through the door at 3am with one shoe and eye make up halfway down my face.


As you can see from the clip above, my evening out on Thursday night wasnโ€™t much different to that scenario. I had gone along to a bloggers learning event hosted by Scottish Bloggers Collective in the relatively new but lovely Epoch Glasgow in Princes Square and it all started off very sensibly. 

A welcome Mojito and some excellent chat about bloggers, PRs and brands and how to work together. Sober Katie took lots of notes, asked questions and was properly engaged. We then enjoyed another rum based cocktail and some canapรฉs and broke session to mingle a little bit….here is where it all went a bit awry. Hayleigh and I went to sample some of the Old J Spiced Rum and it was so delicious we sampled one shot, and then another, and then a few more for good measure. Itโ€™s bloody delicious FYI! 

Look how happy our wee rum soaked faces are!!

Needless to say having not eaten a proper dinner, and being quiet well behaved mums (haha) we ended up spectacularly drunk. Everyone was our best pal and everything was massively entertaining to us, special apologies to the young man with the Gallic name in Wetherspoons that begrudgingly served us. 

The next day was not quite as glitzy or as entertaining to me. My head was heavy, my stomach was not happy with me and I had to get my shit together in order to do the school run and then attend Gymboree class with the baby! I managed, by some miracle and all the snacks to do both chunder free, although it was a close call when doing the Hokey Cokey. Thankfully I had my partner in crime Hayleigh and our two tots to cheer me up and share a lunch of all the cheese and carbs.

The hangovers get harder to recover from every year that goes by but this one was definitely worth it! I may even enjoy one of my Old J Spiced Rum samples this evening now I feel human again.

K x

Manic Monday, Tuesday, Everyday!

Manic Monday, Tuesday, Everyday!

Currently life feels a bit like it’s flying past in a total blur and I am just trying to keep up. Thankfully it’s loads of brilliant things that I have on the go so it’s mostly a positive blur but I’m finding it a tad overwhelming.

Actual image of me at the moment!

The result of this is dropped balls, the metaphorical type of course! The actual writing side of the blog has become distinctly neglected. Instagram is just easier, quicker and is where I have a lot more contacts and followers so tends to become the favourite child when life gets manic. So apologies, dear readers, I will get back into the swing of weekly writing!

My main cause of blur and big news is that I have been scrambling around trying to decide what to do about my return to work. I had my request for part time/flexible working denied and was facing a return to work full time from November. A prospect I didn’t much cherish with two small kids one of whom I don’t even have with me 7 days of the week due to custody arrangements. 

Randomly, while in a local jewellers with my Mum, we were discussing my situation and the owner overheard. She quickly spoke up and said she was looking for someone and did I want to give her my CV and have a chat? Fast forward a few weeks, some serious soul searching, a lot of conversations and number crunching and I am leaving the world of insurance. After 7 years and the frankly crushing disappointment of the denial of my request it felt like the right time. Not only do I get to now work amongst the most stunning diamonds all day, they are also letting me run their social media and marketing which is a dream role for me!

Also me…in the display window!

The only down side of all this is that I will be returning to work sooner than originally planned and have a few extra balls to juggle in terms of childcare arrangements and adapting to an altogether new role.

I have a few reviews to write up and post so keep an eye out for those, but please be patient with me while I work out my best balance. 

Any tips on how to keep things all ticking along with out burning out would be much appreciated!

K x

Daddy Says….

Daddy Says….

I’m so excited to bring you all another guest post but this time from my lovely work colleague Steve and about parenting from a Dads perspective!

It’s been nearly two years since Judith and I were blessed with Eloisa, a beautiful little baby girl.

Up until the day she was born I was (naively) expecting a walking, talking little person to leap into the world all ready for me to read bedtime stories to, teach to ride a bike, race round the park with and have chats with as I drove her to and from music and sports clubs – boy did I have a wake up call.

Sleepless nights, the absolute heartbreak of rejection when only mummy will do, baby puke, brown sticky stuff in places you’d never thought you’d see it (not least when your super efficient daddy nappy change turns out to be slightly too early), yet more baby puke and cries for which no number of Google searches could provide you with a solution – the truth is that in the early days it the whole thing scared the living daylights out of me.

These days we have a toddler who is determined to operate at full throttle, who gets frustrated when her demands are not complied with, who possesses the power of choice (this I greet with a sense of pride albeit frustration when she ‘chooses’ that she doesn’t want to wear shoes for her walk to nursery) and who only last week hurled a badminton racket because Judith tried to go first so that she could explain how the game was played – yes that’s right – the terrible twos are upon us.

These days Judith still does most of the day to day mechanics but at least I can play my part – usually by providing goofy yet entertaining distraction whilst Judith attends to the more important jobs (we play to our strengths you see and besides I’ve never quite overcome the trauma of ‘that’ nappy change) and I’m finally beginning to see glimpses of that walking, talking little person I was excited to meet two years ago.

It can still be hard, frustrating, annoying and sometimes downright terrifying (especially where climbing and running is involved) but one little smile, an extended hand for you to hold or puckered lips for her bedtime kiss makes you realise that this parenting lark ain’t so bad after all.

Thanks Steve ๐Ÿ’• 

Werk, werk, werk…

Werk, werk, werk…

To work or not to work, that is the question. Well actually the reality is for most of us, that this isn’t a question at all. We simply have to work. In order to keep a roof over our families heads, fish fingers on the table and gin in the cupboard the majority of mums need to work in some capacity.

The time this becomes hardest I feel is after having a baby, whether this is your first or third, going back to work after time at home with your child is rough! The guilt alone is crippling, never mind the cost of childcare! Many will apply to return on a part time or flexible basis to try and gain some semblance of work life balance.

Sadly this is where us mamas get a raw deal a lot of the time. Statistics show that 54,000 women a year are pushed out of the workplace for pushing out a baby! A whopping 77% of the mums who do manage to keep their place in the working world face descriminatory treatment whilst there and earn roughly 15% less than their childless peers. In 2017 this should not even be an issue but it is an all too stark reality.

Thankfully there are some amazing crusaders out there trying to rectify these issues. 

Anna Whitehouse, best know as MotherPukka, has been the Lycra clad driving force for the FlexAppeal campaign. Pushing hard (flash mobbing all over the country with toddler and baby in tow!!) for workplaces to become less focused on the ‘bums on seats’ mentality of old, and more on productivity! 

Pregnant then Screwed is another amazing movement set up by Joeli Brearley to support people facing maternity discrimination and help them find the assistance and advice needed to fight against it. They are running a nationwide series of March of the Mummies on the 31st of October this year to shout out loudly about their Early Day Motion submitted to government by MP Caroline Lucas. I have attached the link to the EDM so you can all read the full details and check if your local MP has signed (if not PLEASE email and ask them to do so!)
There will be a March of the Mummies coming to Glasgow on Halloween and my lovely mama friend Hayleigh and I will be sharing all the exciting details very soon!

K x

EDM: http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2016-17/1084
Stats sourced from: https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/pregnancy-and-maternity-workplace/working-forward

Tea Time with T2

Tea Time with T2

The other day I was invited along to visit a bloggers breakfast at T2 on Buchanan Street. The lovely Lauren from the PR team very kindly said it was no issue to bring my little sidekick Harrison along, so there we were at 8am all ready for our first real blogger event!

The breakfast was to celebrate the launch of T2’s newest blend Scots Breakfast Tea and we walked in off the cold, damp streets of Glasgow to the cosy shop smelling of oatmeal and honey. 

For those of you who hadn’t been in the shop before it’s walls are quite literally covered in their signature orange boxes of loose leaf teas and they have gorgeous colourful china on display and available to purchase. 

It was in one of these gorgeous teacup and saucer sets that I was served my perfectly brewed Scots Breakfast Tea, enhanced with a dash of milk and honey. T2 say it has notes of oats, cinnamon and caramel which explains the cosy porridge kind of scent it gives off. 

Not only did we get to enjoy this lovely tea we were well fed too! Big Bear Bakery had made some amazing treats for us using the tea – macarons that were so light they melted in the mouth, buttery wee scones topped with cream and jam and a fruit packed tea loaf! Breakfast doesn’t get much more indulgent than that, Harrison was particularly taken with the scones if you needed further recommendation.

Next up I was given a mini Matcha Brewing demonstration where I sampled the original Matcha green tea as well as their super healthy Turmeric Matcha Latte. Both were delicious and give a long lasting energy boost with no crash like you get with coffee. Perfect for a sleepy mama like me!

T2 spoiled us, even sending me on my way with a lovely goodie bag with my own tea strainer and two of their loose leaf teas (Scots and Melbourne Breakfast) so I could continue my experience at home. I had a great morning and will absolutely be back in for more!

K x

My Charlotte Tilbury Shopping Experience

My Charlotte Tilbury Shopping Experience

Recently I decided a bit of a make up splurge was called for. I was needing a new foundation and as I had several important events was happy to spend a little more than usual. After asking a few people in the know and doing some research Charlotte Tilbury felt like the right brand to go to for some luxury.

The concession in House of Fraser, my nearest stockist, is relatively newly opened but is clearly hugely popular. There was streams of people milling around looking at products or waiting to get their make up done in the boudoir themed area. I managed to catch the attention of a very friendly sales person who got me perched on a stool after a quick chat about what I was there looking for. She checked a few shades of the Light Wonder foundation on me and we agreed on the best one for me. As I was bare faced anyway she offered to do my full face to allow me to see if I definitely liked it on and proceeded to slather me in the ultra luxe Magic Cream, added Wonder Glow to brighten up my knackered looking skin and then applied the Light Wonder foundation whilst chatting away about the products and the company. 

While we were chatting we got on to favourite products and she mentioned their best selling Lip Cheat liner and the Kim KW lipstick very positively. I am a sucker for a great nude lipstick and liner so we added those to my look and ineviatably into my bag! A very subtle and gentle sales pitch which made a huge difference as I will effectively refuse to buy anything if someone pushes too hard in these situations. 

In the end I came away with the lipstick, liner, the foundation I had gone in for in the first place and the Wonder Glow too. She did try and coax me into buying the Magic Cream but maternity pay does not allow for ยฃ70 face cream, especially when you manage to blow over ยฃ100 on make up. I did cheekily ask for some samples to trial at home, as I felt a spend of that amount deserved a few little bonus treats but she just avoided the topic and handed me my purchases in a plastic HOF bag. I was a little disappointed in this ending as I’d enjoyed my luxury make up experience so far and expected a little more from it than a plastic bag and a cheery bye. 

All in all I am glad I bought the products that I did as they are amazing. I would re purchase the Wonder Glow for definite as it gives my skin an amazing texture and glow but I’m not so sure the others are worth the money especially when the shopping experience is a tad of a let down.

Keep up the lovely attitude CT ladies but maybe upgrade your bags and be a little more generous with your samples! 

Any other brands worth me spending my teeny bit of spare cash on? Let me know! 

K x